US Scavenger from Battlezone

3dprinting videogames airbrushing painting bzpgen2

Here's a print of the US VS3E Reclamation Unit 'Scavenger' from Activision's rebooted Battlezone game. 


Because the redux models are higher poly, I could get much more detailed with the painting as there were crevices to put wash into, and angles to highlight. I didn't do much stenciling on this, which I regret. Those hazard lines could have really done with being stenciled properly.

This was printed in two vertical parts and there was considerable warping on the bottom piece. I filled it in as best I could with putty, but I think I'd want to retry with better print supports to prevent so much warping.

As with the CCA fighter, I think I'm going to give this one another go at some point - The wash is a bit too heavy and the details don't feel as exact as I'd like. It came out well overall, though.

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Who I am

I'm Blake and I like to tinker with things and make stuff. When I'm not programming or developing random systems, I'm playing with electronics, doodling bits of art, 3D modelling or sculpting and painting things or nerding out watching sci-fi or horror TV.

From 2001 I worked in the games industry, eventually specialising in tools to aid in the development of video games and their engines. In 2011 I left the industry and teamed up with a few other talented composers to utilise my knowledge to help build the company 'Spitfire Audio'.

I also periodically compose soundtracks for video-games and have worked on titles such as The Stanley Parable and Portal Knights. You've probably also heard my music in random TV commercials at some point.

What I'm using to create

I use various bits and bobs to craft my shiz.

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  • 3D Studio Max, ZBrush and Chitubox Pro.