Nerikson's 'Alyara' sculpt

3dprinting airbrushing painting bust nerikson figurine

Here's a print and paint of the bust version of Nerikson's 'Alyara, The Traveller  bust. You can find the STLs over in his store on MyMiniFactory.


I purchased this a while back and just got round to printing and painting it. I really love Nerikson's models - he has mostly fantasy ones, but the sci-fi ones are really nice too. This one kinda feels a bit like a Giger-y, Destiny hunter with a bit of old school (Doom) sci-fi armour and I really wanted to give it a paint - I just never had time until now.

The renders were more dusty than this, but I wanted to give it a bit of a more contrasted, darker look. It feels a little bit Giger-ish with the slight tints of purple and blue. Other than that, I stayed pretty faithful to their colour scheme and look.

Technique wise it was a quick primer and then the brush to give it a bit of a zenithal prime. Then it was onto the drybrushed, painting in all the details and armour. I added washes here and there to dull back down the look and then went in and gently brushed on metal in various areas. Finally I used some light glazes to colour some of the armour in places..

  • Backgrounded
  • Printed and ready for cleanup
  • Halfway painted
  • All done

I really like how it came out - I need to print some more of the models I've got from him over the past year or so. I'd definitely recommend checking out his MyMiniFactory or Cults3D pages if you're looking for some prints that are unique.

As usual it could have benefitted from a bit more clean up of support-marks and things, but I always tend to rush these a little with my limited time. I'd be keen to try painting a version that's much more saturated too to see how it came out - the cloak is begging for a nice deep red gradient with the airbrush!

Who I am

I'm Blake and I like to tinker with things and make stuff. When I'm not programming or developing random systems, I'm playing with electronics, doodling bits of art, 3D modelling or sculpting and painting things or nerding out watching sci-fi or horror TV.

From 2001 I worked in the games industry, eventually specialising in tools to aid in the development of video games and their engines. In 2011 I left the industry and teamed up with a few other talented composers to utilise my knowledge to help build the company 'Spitfire Audio'.

I also periodically compose soundtracks for video-games and have worked on titles such as The Stanley Parable and Portal Knights. You've probably also heard my music in random TV commercials at some point.

What I'm using to create

I use various bits and bobs to craft my shiz.

  • Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra, 3x Mars 3 Pro & Saturn 2 8k
  • Phrozen Aqua Resin Grey 4k
  • Elegoo Resin Space Grey 8k
  • Phrozen Luna curing station
  • Vallejo Model Color, Game Air, various sets,
  • Iwata Eclipse HP-CS & Studio Smart Jet Pro Compressor,
  • Random cheapo airbrushes for base coats,
  • 3D Studio Max, ZBrush and Chitubox Pro.