The Beowulf from LoGH

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I'd recently reverse engineered and extracted all the 3D models from the 2008 PC game of the Anime Series 'Legend of Galactic Heroes'. I've started to work through the models, high-polyize-and-improve them where possible and make them 3D printable.

I actually already own a ton of LoGH official Fleet File Collection kits I've collected over the years, so I was curious to see how a personal print and paint would compare to the official sets.

Here's the second ship test - the Beowulf, Mittermeyer's flagship:


I wasn't as happy with this one as I was with my Barbarrosa. I experimented with my oil washes again this time but I still haven't quite got the hang of it yet, so it's a bit muddy and messy. Evrey time I'd clean up the mess, it would ruin the detail lines and I'd have to start over, making it even more messy. I'll figure it out eventually!

The ship itself sort of stands up, until you compare the detail and paintjob of the original. Here's some comparisons with the actual figure (and a pic from the show):

Thumbnail Thumbnail  Thumbnail Thumbnail

Who I am

I'm Blake and I like to tinker with things and make stuff. When I'm not programming or developing random systems, I'm playing with electronics, doodling bits of art, 3D modelling or sculpting and painting things or nerding out watching sci-fi or horror TV.

From 2001 I worked in the games industry, eventually specialising in tools to aid in the development of video games and their engines. In 2011 I left the industry and teamed up with a few other talented composers to utilise my knowledge to help build the company 'Spitfire Audio'.

I also periodically compose soundtracks for video-games and have worked on titles such as The Stanley Parable and Portal Knights. You've probably also heard my music in random TV commercials at some point.

What I'm using to create

I use various bits and bobs to craft my shiz.

  • Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra, Mars 3 Pro & Saturn 2 8k
  • Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4k & Mini 4k
  • Anycubic Photon LCD resin printer,
  • Phrozen Aqua Resin Grey 4k
  • Elegoo Resin Space Grey 8k
  • Phrozen Luna curing station
  • Vallejo Model Color, Game Air, various sets,
  • Iwata Eclipse HP-CS & Studio Smart Jet Pro Compressor,
  • Random cheapo airbrushes for base coats,
  • 3D Studio Max, ZBrush and Chitubox Pro.